As mentioned above, natural latex is refined from the sap of the rubber tree. The trees are not cut down or damaged during this process and can produce sap for up to 30 years. Therefore, the processing of latex mattresses encourages tree growth and is extremely sustainable. Natural latex is also biodegradable, ensuring it won’t sit in a landfill for years.

Good air circulation

The natural open-cell structure of latex allows for optimum air flow. Additionally, during the latex processing, a series of pinholes are created, which improves airflow even more. This great air circulation results in a cooler night's sleep, which is a significant benefit in the hot, humid climate. The excellent air circulation of latex mattresses provides another benefit, in addition to comfort. Perspiration does not stay on a latex mattress, nor does it make it feel damp.

High Durability

Natural latex mattresses are best known for their long-term comfort. High-quality latex mattresses have an average lifespan of 12 to 20 years— significantly longer than other types of mattresses. The resiliency of natural rubber is often credited for this longevity. A natural latex mattress effortlessly bounces back once the pressure is removed, maintaining its original shape over years of use.​

Ultimate Comfort

The utmost comfort is provided by a latex mattress. When you lie down on a latex mattress for the first time, you'll notice a soft sinking sensation followed by a buoyant supportive sense. This is due to latex's innate springiness, which makes it extremely pleasant.

Mold and dust-mite resistant

Latex is naturally mold and dust mite resistant and does not require any additional chemicals. This alone is a significant benefit in hot, humid climates. Other mattresses are either not resistant at all, resulting in major issues such as obvious mold development, or are resistant but only because harsh chemicals have been added. You don't want to sleep on a mattress with dust mites or mould, and you certainly don't want to sleep in a chemical cloud. As a result, latex is an excellent alternative for creating a naturally sanitary and healthful sleeping environment.

Aid spine alignment

The capacity of latex mattresses to support optimal spine alignment is one of their most significant advantages. The shoulders and hips sink into the latex, while lighter portions are still well supported, allowing the spine to align naturally. The ability to support the spine's natural curvature is a big plus for health and wellness as well as pain relief. Blood circulation is also boosted on a latex mattress because of the efficient pressure distribution.​


Latex is a natural product made from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree. A soft luxurious mattress block is made from the milky-white sap. The natural qualities of latex are totally responsible for the springiness you experience when you lie down. Unlike other mattresses, you don't have to worry about hazardous chemicals being present in a latex mattress because of its all-natural origin. We only sell 100% natural latex mattresses at Latticel.

Low Partner Disturbance

Due to latex's natural resiliency, movement on one side of the mattress does not easily transfer to the other. This means that sleeping with a spouse is much more comfortable and allows you to sleep deeper than sleeping on a mattress that transmits movement.

Allergen Free

Did you know that most allergies in the bedroom are triggered by the body's reaction to proteins produced by dust mites or mold? Due to their natural resistance to mold and dust mites, latex mattresses do not contain these allergens. As a result, people who suffer from allergies all year may benefit from a latex mattress.

Environmentally responsible

When you buy a 100 percent natural latex mattress, you're helping to keep the rubber tree alive. The rubber tree will not be killed if you tap it to obtain the latex-containing sap. As a result, latex mattress production promotes the growth of rubber trees. Plantations are carefully managed to ensure long-term viability. Because the trees in these plantations absorb carbon dioxide from the air, buying a latex mattress helps the environment. There is simply no other mattress on the market that is as environmentally friendly. All other types of mattresses require a lot of synthetic components and, instead of helping the environment, harm it.

Pain Relief

Latex mattresses are an excellent alternative for anyone who suffer from back or joint problems. Latex mattresses are recommended by many health specialists, including osteopaths, physical therapists, and chiropractors, for pain management. This is due to latex's cushioning and comfort characteristics, as well as its ability to assist natural spine alignment. In any case, if pain is keeping you awake at night, switching to a latex mattress may be beneficial.