The METACORE process

Our exclusive Metacore process utilize High Frequency Wave to vulcanize our 100% natural latex. Through this unique dielectric heating the latex is vulcanized endogenously. The vulcanization starts in the middle of the latex product and gradually goes to the outside.

Latex produced by our Metacore process display a superb hysteresis and have an exceptional high tensile strength. Metacore natural latex has a perfectly balanced microclimate and optimised humidity control thanks to the superior ventilation properties of the open cell structure.

High Frequency Wave

In 2011, we introduced a revolutionary new-process, the Metacore process. A unique process which is used to produce a superb range of latex. The Metacore technology is based on dielectric heating. With this wave technology – instead of the traditional steam vulcanisation – the latex is vulcanized with high frequency wave.

To complete the Metacore technology a full revision of the entire latex compound formulations was developed. The combination of the new Metacore process with new compound formulations, results in a new, revolutionary eco latex that significantly reduces energy consumption resulting in the best ecological footprint in the entire latex industry.


Report shows that after 30 minutes the Metacore sample already comes to an equilibrium in comparison to the Dunlop sample, taking approximately an hour. The Metacore sample needs 50% less time to cool down.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is a measure of the force required to stretch a material to breaking point. The tensile strength of the Metacore latex foam proved much higher than that of currently available latex foams. The strength of the latex bindings and the uniformity of the cell structure throughout the Metacore latex. The direct result of the new production process ensuring an extremely strong and durable product.


Tests conducted in a dynamic fatigue test set-up at the TÜV institute revealed that there is no change in hardness nor any loss in height after 30.000 cycles on our Metacore latex. Metacore process, prove that there is no noticeable degradation of the latex’ physical properties throughout the life cycle of the mattress.

In addition, TÜV performed a compression test on the Metacore sample, measuring the loss of the initial height under extreme conditions: the sample was compressed to 50% of its original thickness and held at 70°C (or 158°F) for 22 hours. The test revealed that there was no more than 2.55% loss of height.

The revolutionary METACORE process sets new benchmark standards for latex bedding products

Excellent Ventilation

Superb Resilience

Exceptional Tensile Strength

Homogeneous Cell Structure

Superb Durability

Unique Height


The unique endogenous Metacore technology combined with the new natural latex formulations offers the most durable, best ventilating, strongest, most resilient and softest latex ever made designed to guarantee a perfectly restful and revitalising sleep.


Micro-perforation: the micro-perforations ensure extreme ventilation and moisture regulation, which results in an enhanced microclimate.

7-zone perforation: designed with 7 zones to offer perfect comfort and support to your body.

The High Frequency Wave material has been tested on resilience and durability by TÜV in Germany. Temperature and humidity tests have been performed by Custom8 in Belgium.

Resilience tested by TÜV

The ball rebound test performed at the TÜV institute revealed rebound elasticity properties that equalled
those of foam manufactured according to the Talalay process

Durability tested by TÜV

Tests conducted in a dynamic fatigue test set-up revealed that there is no change in hardness nor any loss in height after 30,000
cycles on High Frequency Wave material

Temperature tested by Custom8

The High Frequency Wave material has a very equal heating-up and cooling-down time, which makes it react very well and fast to ambient conditions.

Humidity tested by Custom8

The High Frequency Wave material evacuates moisture faster than it absorbs it, making the product’s performance very reactive and healthy for the sleeper.